Licensed Psychologist

About Me

My passion is learning. It started as an undergraduate, studying cognitive science at Brown University, where I tried to understand how people learn – exploring memory, language and the making of connections.

In graduate school (PhD in School Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, 1998), I studied development, and ways to assess and encourage learning. I also developed an interest in early childhood and parenting. This led to my doctoral internship at the Early Childhood Center and Infant and Preschool Unit of CERC, part of the Rose F. Kennedy Center at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

When I put this understanding of learning into practice, I became even more aware of life’s complexities. I became increasingly interested in other types of learning beyond the scope of formal education, focusing more on emotional learning.

I now enjoy helping children and adults learn how to harness their strengths and focus on values in order to cope and thrive amidst the challenges of their lives.

Susan Morduch PhD