Licensed Psychologist

Welcome! My goal for this website is to help you get a better sense of me and my psychotherapy practice. I work with both adults and children. If after reading my information, you are interested in exploring how you might be able to work with me, please reach out, so we can discuss your needs and determine if we might work well together.

Sometimes life becomes difficult, and usual ways of coping don’t work well. It can be hard, in the midst of difficulty, to find strengths and strategies to figure things out and make life more manageable.

You and I can join together in psychotherapy to:

  • Help you learn how to get over hurdles and roadblocks in your life
  • Better understand your role as an actor in your life and your impact on those around you
  • Cope more easily with stresses of family, parenting, caregiving, career, and/or school
  • Improve your relationship with your child, parent or partner
  • Develop your strengths to overcome your weaknesses
  • Learn coping skills that will be of life-long benefit
  • Gain ways of connecting with your child to better his/her development

Susan Morduch PhD